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In December 2020, Blattwerk Naturpädagogik Berlin opened the Alegría Educación Natural on La Gomera Valle Gran Rey directly on the beach of Vueltas. It is a space for free education, a mentoring centre and a meeting place for people of all ages.

The Alegría offers a seminar room for groups of up to 14 people, a creative space for painting and art therapy work. The seminar room is also used as a play room with Montessori and natural play materials. Workshops with clay, wood, fabric, etc. also take place in the creative room. People from different nations meet here. We speak Spanish, English and German.

Courses, seminars, open meetings and community-building activities take place in our rooms. Outside our rooms, we also organise hikes, excursions, sea experiences, educational and experiential activities such as tree climbing, apnoea / free diving, sailing, etc.

Complementary to our spaces by the sea, we are designing 7000sqm of land at the Garajonay jungle in Arure according to the principles of permaculture. The area is still in the process of being designed, but is already being used for meetings and seminars.

The Alegría is the headquarters of ABORA Asociación de educación natural, creativa y persistente, our Spanish association.

We cooperate with the Cabuwazi Circus in Berlin and organise projects for children and young people.

Here you can find a talk from the “Online Kongress Lebensschule Natur” 2019 and an interview with Bianca Geburek from Herzton about “Self-determined, natural education” at the end of 2021.

La Gomera has a winter tourist season and most of our offers take place between november-april.

Registration is required: Whats app/ Signal/ Telegram: 0034 6343077 (sp. net)

Certified Basic Training Nature Therapy / Nature Education


The nature education, nature therapy and nature pedagogy at Blattwerk has made it its goal to counteract the alienation from nature. Since 2008, we have been training adults who want to reconnect with themselves and nature and reflect their attitude in their work. In 2024, a holistic and process-oriented training will take place on La Gomera. You can find all information about the training here

If you have any questions, please contact Lara Jahnke via Messenger: 0034 6343077

Here you can register for the training. Registration deadline for the training is 31.01.2024.

“The great thing about Alegría is that you have a lot of time to do the things you want. It’s not like that at school. Arvid 9 years

We have about 100 square metres spread over three rooms with a play room with Montessori materials among other things, two reading and relaxation rooms and a painting room, which is also designed as a workshop or theme room. Through mindfulness, silence, observation and joy, children and adults meet each other on sometimes completely new levels.

Montessori playroom with singing circle for people from 0-4 years of age

At Alegria, a playroom with singing circle takes place in a small group in a protected setting for children and their parents. Please contact Gina if you would like to register and also check our calendar.

Montessori playroom for people from 5-10 years with painting, music and different workshops.

Parallel to the playroom, the painting and workshop room is open. Various courses are held there in which you can also take part. Course topics are: Music, wood workshop, painting, herbal workshop, working with clay, creative workshops, embroidery, building dream catchers, etc. Have a look at our calendar.

Unschooling / self education / homeschooling

Lara Jahnke is, among other things, a lecturer for self-determined education and natural learning. You are welcome to ask for advice on this topic. Make a personal appointment. Whats app/ Signal/ Telegram: 0034 6343077


On Wednesday and Sunday there are workshops on various nature education topics, storytelling, art, music, etc. For example: Spanish for children, jewellery making, arts and crafts, children’s yoga, Kamishibai workshop, plant workshop, outdoor activities, games with sand and stones, circus activities, etc.

Alegria Circus and Theatre Workshops

Circus, theatre, movement and dance workshops are held regularly at the Alegria.

Improvisational theatre, Japanese Kamishibai theatre and also classical theatre are performed at the Alegría. Circus educators organise workshops with clowning, juggling and acrobatics for children aged 6-10. There is a temporary theatre group for people aged 7-100.

Please check our calendar.


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Concerts at the Alegría

The Alegria hosts living room concerts with different artists around special sounds and songs for people of all ages. Frederik Vahle, Los Mochitos, Kenebonda and others play for us and with us. We also experience magic shows and plays at regular intervals.

Lectures / theme evenings

In cooperation with various providers on La Gomera, we offer evening events on various topics. Marine and natural history lectures with Volker Boelke from Gomera Vive, educational and secular theme evenings: unschooling, media competence, Montessori, permaculture, etc. You are welcome to offer us your topics and present them to us.

Painting room and workshop

We have an Arno Stern oriented painting room for painting play, expressive painting, soul pictures, art therapy and pedagogy. Group and individual settings take place here. Our painting room is a non-judgemental space for creativity and mindful interaction.

HeartCircles for women

Together we experience an open exchange about existing heart issues. After a sound meditation we go into the MalRaum and bring inner images to the outside. A common round of contemplation allows us to take a mindful look at the pictures. Accompanied by Lara Jahnke (art therapist). The heart circles usually take place on Thursdays at 7 pm. It is also possible to book the offer separately as a group.

Expressive painting, soul pictures, painting games and art therapy

Lara Jahnke is an art and music therapist, seminar leader for expressive painting and intuitive painting. Especially soul painting in connection with meditation and conversations are a special access to one’s own creative power and healing.

Book a single session (2h): 90,-€ Phone: 0034 63 43 030 77

Freediving / Apnoea Diving

Apnoea / free diving is the most original form of diving with only one breath without technical aids. Whales and dolphins have developed this to perfection, but we humans also possess the “mammalian diving reflex” and can move amazingly long and deep under water with a little practice. We dive into the broad topic of breathing, relaxation and trust in the water, theoretically and practically. A first step to feeling safe in the water.

In recreational and nature education, the focus is on exploring the underwater world and elements of yoga such as deep, conscious breathing with awareness exercises.

In the Our courses in the sea take place with Roland Barthel. Please ask personally for dates: 0034 6343077

Share seminar rooms

We are happy to share our rooms with people who want to share our philosophy. It is possible to rent our rooms for your own offers, seminars, workshops. The seminar room has about 40 sqm, the entrance area about 25 sqm and the painting room / workshop room about 15 sqm. In the seminar room you can work well with a group of up to 14 people. The painting room offers a maximum of 8 painting places. Here is our price overview If you rent the rooms regularly, we would be happy to discuss flat-rate prices.

Hero’s Journey

Hero’s Journeys is a method we have developed from the experiences of mask archetype work, ritual play, systemic constellation work and the classic hero’s journey according to Vogler and Campbell. It offers the possibility to experience topics and to be able to take a new perspective with the help of the representatives. Options and consequences for action can be experienced and implemented. I.e.: The goal is to develop solutions that expand the future scope of action. The hero/inner journey takes place in the room and outside and is led by Ilka.

Alegria Team 

More about the people involved in Blattwerk and Alegria on La Gomera can be found here.

Feel free to contact Lara and Roland: Whats app/ Signal/ Telegram: 0034 6343077 (sp. net)